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Táplálékkiegészítők Paula javaslata alapján lymera angolul


Az USA-ban élő Paula-nál a lyme 2-es típusú cukorbetegséget okozott, leírja hogy ő miket szedett amiktől mára tünetmentes lett (gyógyszer és mindenféle táplálékkiegészítő):

Here is my bucket list:


Metformin ~ regulates blood sugar levels in Type 2 Diabetes (mine was lyme induced)




Resveratrol ~ inflammation


Coryceps ~ supports liver function


Methyl B-12 injections ~ supports energy, daily injections in hip then down to 3 times a week


SloNiacin ~ cholesterol support


King Chorella ~ supportive detoxing agent


NAC ~ (Pure Formulas) promotes inflammation balance & healthy levels of gluthatione which protects the liver from toxin metalbolites which are byproducts of the detoxification process.


Alpha Lipoic Acid ~ (Pure Formulas) liver protection


LVR Formua ~ (Pure Formulas) protects and support liver


GTF Chromium ~ (Pure Formulas) cellular support for metabolism, converting carbs and fats into energy


DHEA ~ hormone produced by adrenal gland, and when damaged, is needed for overall immune support


Lyme Nosode Drops ~ for lyme, babesia, RMSF and Erlichiosis symptoms


Boswellia ~ reduces inflammation in brain (headaches)


Brain Energy ~ supports increased cognitive function


Rifampin ~ attacks and kills lyme bacteria (this was prescription)


L-5-MTHF ~ support folate deficienies (for those with MTHFR mutation)


Tox-Ease GL ~ (Beyond Balance) formulated to provide a gentler form of cleansing, that can be better tolerated by the very ill


MC-Bar-1 ~ (Beyond Balance) for Bartonella


Neprinol AFD ~ protects against fibrin build up, aides in Inflammatory Reduction, Normal Immune Function, Blood Cleansing, Normal Blood Clotting, Circulatory Health, Normal Blood Pressure


Crane Herbs Powder ~ lyme flare ups


Corvalen Ribose (powder) ~ supports cardiovascular system, fatigue, enerfy production, mitochondrial function, reduces muscle soreness and stiffness

Deproloft-HF ~ enhances mood and cognitive function


Carditione (Pure Formulas) ~ Cardiovascular support, supports healthy heart and kidney function, maintains levels of calcium and potassium


Benfotiamine ~ neuropathy pain


Acetyl L-carnitine (powder) ~ supports healthy brain and central nervous system functions, delivers antioxidant protection throughout entire central nervous system


Dy skin brushing ~ helps detox the skin (extremely important!!)


Cat's Claw ~ stimulates immune system and supports joint comfort


Serrapeptase ~ The primary purpose of Serrapeptase in the Lyme disease protocol is to dissolve the fibrin layer surrounding harmful microbes associated with Lyme disease such as Borrelia, Babesia, Bartonella and Ehrlichia. The fibrin layer covering these microbes causes them to be hidden from the immune system; once the fibrin is dissolved the immune system can more easily identify and eliminate the harmful microbes.